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Trading on is so simple, even a person who has never seen a price chart gets it in the first minutes.


The main goal is to predict if the price of Bitcoin will be higher or lower after one minute.

Let's imagine the current price of Bitcoin is $10,000.If you think that it will increase during the next minute, you should choose Call option.

If, after one minute, the price is at least one cent higher than it was before (in this case $10,000.01 or more), your trade is successful!

However, if the price falls (in this case to $9,999.99 or less) your trade is unsuccessful.

Now just apply a reverse logic if you think the price will decrease. Choose Put option and if the price falls your trade is successful.


When you log in, you will see a simple graph, tracking today's price and updating automatically every 10 seconds.

Watch it for a while, see how the price behaves and make your decisions about the potential future price.

Here's an example below:

As you can see, the price has been falling for a while. But will it continue falling or recover in the next minute? Anything can happen and that's for you to predict!


When you're ready to invest, use Plus/Minus buttons to choose the investment amount.

You can use min/max buttons to quickly choose minimum or maximum allowed amount. Maximum amount depends on user level.

Potential reward shows possible cash reward if your trade is successful. More about rewards - later.


Click Call if you think the price will increase.

Click Put if you think the price will decrease.

Trading coins

When you start investment, free trading coins will be deducted from your balance.

You can always see their balance at the top left corner:

If the trade is unsuccessful, the invested coins will be lost.

If the trade is successful, you will get double amount (for example, if you invested 5 coins, you will get 10 coins in return).

Even if you run out of coins, you can always refill them for free or get a quick bonus by completing offers or inviting referrals. These options are easy to find in the menu.

Chart with your investment

Now let's go back to the chart. You've started the trade and you can see more information now:

Since you chose Call option, you want the price to stay above the center line (in the green area).

At first it dipped below the green zone so there was a chance to lose the trade. However, after a few secons the price went up again.

At this point everything looks promising (we will know the outcome after 5 seconds that are left to wait in this case).

End of investment and rewards

When the timer runs out, a new popup appears with the results of your trade.

In this case it was successful, so you've got 6 coins return for your invested 3 coins:

Normally, these coins would be added to your trading balance.

However, in this case our system detected your trade as one of the top trades of that minute and decided to reward you with cash! The coins were converted into $0.03 and added to your cash rewards' balance (instead of you free trading balance).

It means that you're getting closer to minimum payout and will be able to withdraw the cash soon! Just make a few more successful trades!

Now try it yourself and you'll see how easy it is!

Good luck!

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