About ezdoubler.io

Jump into the crypto market - without risking your own money!

We love crypto. We love trading. We love the exciting pulse of market in general. Yet we understand that not everybody has resources to immediately jump into crypto trading.

This is why we decided to build an inclusive trading platform where everybody can participate for free!

Follow the trends and prices, practice various strategies, gain trading experience for free and get rewarded with real money for your decisions! It doesn't matter if the crypto prices go up or down, you get rewarded as long as you can predict their direction. Every user gets access to our simple trading platform and a free trading coins balance to prove their skills.

Our behind-the-scenes Artificial Intelligence tracks and rates all trades. The system picks the best predictions and rewards users with real money.

We use data from our traders to develop the best quality trading products while remunerating them for their aggregate input. While ezdoubler.io is still at an early stage, we believe that it will grow into something big and beautiful, as we continue working on it and improving the platform every day!

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